Digital Timestamp (TSA)

Tecxoft TSA(Timestamp Authority) service complies with IETF RFC 3161 specifications. Any application can request for a timestamp by sending a timestamp request to the TSA server. A TSA is required to use an authentic time source for generating timestamps, moreover, a TSA response is signed. Tecxoft TSA support major hash algorithms, including SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512. Presence of a timestamp in the signature generated by a trusted TSA ensures that the time, signature shows that it was created is correct.

A trusted digital time-stamp provides strong evidence that the document existed at a particular time. Definition of digital timestamps given by Wikipedia can be found here.

In the process of creating timestamp, client software sends the fingerprint of the data (file) to our TSA. The TSA puts the fingerprint and current time in an envelop and put its digital signatures. Result is a timestamp token that is returned to the client, this token also include TSA's certificate.

Test: Support SHA256 hash algorithm, requires HTTP authentication, please signup. Any tool supporting RFC3161 timestamps can use this service.

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Tecxoft digital timestamp authority (TSA) server.