Online Digital Timestamp

RFC3161 based digital timestamps, available for free evaluation. Support most important hash algorithms including SHA1, SHA256 or SHA512. It can be integrated into third-party systems supporting RFC3161 timestamps. Supported in Microsoft Windows applications, including Office, SharePoint and InfoPath. A digital timestamp client desktop application, capable of creating hash of any document and performing digital timestamp, user must have an account to use this software. Timestamp client is compliant to RFC3161 and supports various hash algorithms. For more information please visit Tecxoft TSA.

Digital Signing

It is a need for every business and organization to prevent unauthorized changes to its important business documents. It is required to bind information of the originator and signer into the document to provide traceability, accountability and credibility. People and systems reading the data need to be sure that it is original and has not tempered. Companies can save a substantial amount of money by moving from expensive paper-based processes to electronic documents. In context of the electronic documents it is possible to lose substantial amounts of money by allowing unauthorized changes to key documents. Fraud and public embarrassment are the result when original documents are found to have been changed. In internal processes people need to have their signatures on key documents so that they can be held accountable for their actions. Absence of signature means no credibility, security and therefore no trust.

Digital signatures is a technology that allows two parties to validate the authenticity of electronically transmitted information. Digital signatures allow organizations to share data without the fear of disclosing sensitive information to people for whom it is not intended. The technology is also supported by the federal government and large state governments. This has led to wide acceptance within banking, other financial institutions, government, and large enterprises. Digitally signing documents can have these advantages: no replacement, the signature was made by the person that signed using devices under his control; integrity of data, every change will be detected; no repudiation, because the author cannot deny that he has written and sent; only sender has the private key.

PDF Signing

PDF support digital signatures i.e. PDF documents can be digitally signed, it supports three type of signatures visible signature, invisible signatures and certified signatures which have further three types that no changes allowed, form filling and form filling with annotations. Our products allow creation of all kind of PDF digital signatures, for more information please click here.

Test sign a PDF document by following this link.

Public Key Infrastructure

Public key infrastructure (PKI) supports security mechanisms such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. It is based on asymmetric cryptography as it involves an asymmetric key pair. Both digital timestamp and signatures are making use of PKI, since they involve key pairs and other related operations. To get more information about PKI please click here. Company offers built-in internal CA that is used to issue PKI based certificates to entities. It also offers CRL creation and certificate revocation services. A time-stamp authority service, that can be used to generate timestamped digital signatures. To get more information please visit products page.