Tecxoft offers information security on-line services and software. Implementing latest technology in developing its products keeping in view the latest trends and needs of the customers. The Information Security domain, Public Key Infrastructure, digital signatures, and digital signatures for PDF.

RFC 3161 based online time-stamp service, also available for free evaluation. RFC3161 TSA client can be used to create hash of any document and timestamp, and also verify the timestamps later. Please find more information at Tecxoft TSA.

PDF is widely used document format with variety of businesses generating important documents in this format. To protect these from any change, alteration, misuse their is a need to secure these by applying digital signatures of the concerned person or executive on these documents. Obviously, by securing important, crucial, financial and legal documents with digital signatures can make a business avoid any substantial losses. The company provides its clients with quality software and services that facilitates its users in accomplishing the task of creating digital credentials and applying digital signatures on their documents in a secure and cost effective way.

Today, society undoubtedly perceives digital identity and electronic signature as the competitive tools of the 21st century that will enable us to take advantage of the power that information and communication technologies provide to society in relationships established between social agents, companies and citizens.