Tecxoft Signing Server, OCSP Responder, TSA Server.

Signing Server
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TSA Server
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Tecxoft Signing Server

Tecxoft Signing Server provides the functionality to generate digital credentials (or digital IDs), revoke credentials, and publish revocation information. Support all kind of digital signatures with industry strength algorithms. It also supports digital timestamping of signatures. TIPS client communicates to PDF Signing Server over the network to sign PDFs. PDF Signing server completes the whole cycle of paperless office, from credential creation/revocation, OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol), PDF signing and even workflow. Moreover, it can be configured to work on 64-bit machines.

Server Specifications

Some of the important features of the server are as follows.
  • Digital Credentials
  • PDF Signing Server supports creation of digital IDs or digital credentials i.e. keys and certificate for multiple entities or users using powerful algorithms. These credentials can be used for digital signing. It has the capability to operate with thousands of digital IDs. Digital IDs can be exported to PFX or P12 (PKCS12) formats.

  • Multiple Key Source Support
  • Server support multiple key sources, can use keys from a PFX file, Windows key store and PKCS11 smart card or USB token. All key sources can be configured, where each signing policy can use different key source.

  • PKCS11 Support
  • Server support the PKCS11 standard, it can use keys and certificates from hardware devices like USB tokens or Smart Cards. PKCS11 devices can be easily configured in the configuration files, while the drivers of the hardware device need to be installed on the operating system.

  • Digital Signature Types
  • Server support creation of invisible, visible and certify digital signatures.

  • PAdES Standard
  • Compatibility with PAdES Part 2 and PAdES Part 3 (CAdES) signatures.

  • Long-term Signatures
  • Support for creating long-term valid signatures (LTV). If certificate revocation information is also embedded in the signature, signature remains valid for long period of time.

  • Digital Timestamp
  • Tecxoft PDF Signing Server support digital timestamps.

  • Customizable Visual Signature Appearance
  • The application has the functionality of making customized visual signature appearances , certain signature appearance settings are preconfigured and used in the signing operation. All the attributes of visual signature appearance are configurable. Below are the sample visual signature appearances created as shown in Adobe PDF Reader.

    PDF visible digital signature.     PDF visible certify digital signature.

  • Graphical User Interface
  • User friendly web based graphical user interface.

  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Server uses industry strength algorithms for performing cryptographic operations.

  • Sample
  • Find sample signed files on signed PDF samples page.

Tecxoft OCSP Responder

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) Responder (RFC 2560) enables for applications to check certificate status online. The server can be configured to use any hash algorithm SHA1, SHA256 or SHA512. Click here for details about OCSP responder.

Tecxoft TSA Server

TSA (Timestamp Authority) Server (RFC 3161) generates timestamp tokens for applications. It is based on RFC 3161, supports strong hash algorithms and authentication. It can be used independently as well as for creating long-term valid signatures. Click here for details about TSA server, signup for free on-line evaluation.

TIPS Client

TIPS (Tecxoft Intelligent PDF Signer) is a client software application that uses PDF Signing Server over the network to digitally sign PDF documents. TIPS is easier to use for end users once it is configured properly. It is a multithreaded application that can have multiple policies configured running in multiple threads, each policy defines folder set on the storage media, the certificate/key to be used for signing, and other options. The application monitors the input folders, it performs signing and as per the result either success or failure places them in the respective output or error folders. TIPS is very easily operated once it is configured properly, user places files into input folder and after few seconds get them signed from respective output folder. All major processes are logged in a log file.

  • Continuous Folder Monitoring
  • TIPS monitors the configured folders on a specified time interval inspecting for any files available meeting a certain criteria required for signing operation, when it find file(s) a signing request is sent. After signing files are placed in respective output folders.

  • Bulk File Signing
  • TIPS provide the functionality of multiple file signing, if the user have a bulk of files to sign it can be done in an easy way by placing them in the input folders, the application processes those files concurrently and after the signing operation places them in appropriate folders.

  • User Friendliness
  • TIPS is a user friendly application both in terms of installation and functioning. Nothing is required for its installation, everything required is bundled with the release and the user has to only configure the application carefully. TIPS can also run as a Windows service. After installation and configuration the use of the application is even easier, by copying the files in the appropriate input folders.

  • Multi Platform
  • TIPS is built on the Java Technology and can be deployed on multiple platforms as Java is itself multiplatform. Platforms supported are Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10, Linux and others.